Podowart (Podophyllum resin)
Podowart is a prescription topical medication primarily used to treat skin warts. The main active ingredient is podophyllum resin (20% w/v), which is made from the roots of the American mandrake and has been used to remove warts since at least the 1820s. Podowart also includes benzoin (10% w/v), which is a gum resin from the trunks of trees in the Styrax family, and aloe vera (2% w/v), which is a plant similar to a cactus that grows in hot climates and is generally used to alleviate sunburn.
Per Bottles
10 ml x 1 bottle
10 ml x 2 bottles
10 ml x 3 bottles
10 ml x 4 bottles
10 ml x 5 bottles
10 ml x 6 bottles
Product Description

Common Uses

Podowart works by stopping wart cells from continuing to replicate. This prevents the wart from growing any larger and eventually kills off the wart tissue, permanently removing the unwanted growth. At the same time, it encourages healing by rejuvenating the injured area and helping to formulate new skin layers where the wart had been.

Dosage and Direction

Generally, you should cover any normal skin around the wart to prevent the medicine from spreading and carefully apply one drop of Podowart at a time to the wart with a toothpick or cotton swab until it is completely covered. Leave the medicine in place for 1 to 6 hours based on the recommendations of your doctor, then remove it either via a thorough washing with soap and water or by swabbing it with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to wash your hands afterward since it is not safe to get Podowart on regular skin. Repeat as needed once per day for up to six weeks.


However, specific dosage and direction may vary. You should always listen to your doctor and follow any instructions provided with the medication since these will be more specific to your individual case.


Podophyllum resin is toxic when ingested. Make sure to keep out of reach of small children. If you or anyone else you know accidentally swallows Podowart, contact your local poison control center and seek immediate medical attention. Be careful to keep the medication away from your mouth, as well as your eyes and other mucous membranes like your nose or vagina. If you do get any Podowart in your eyes, flush your eyes at once with water and continue rinsing them for at least 15 minutes to ensure that they are completely cleared.


You should also avoid applying Podowart in the following circumstances:

  • If the area around the wart is irritated, swollen, or bleeding
  • If the wart has hair growing out of it
  • If you recently had surgery performed on the wart


Do not apply Podowart to a mole or birthmark. It is only intended for use on warts, not any other type of skin.


Make sure you let your doctor know if you currently have any other skin conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding, suffer from diabetes or circulatory problems, or have sensitive skin since that might make it inadvisable for you to use this medication. Follow your doctor’s orders and work with them to identify any suitable alternative treatments.

Possible Side Effects

The primary side effect of Podowart is an adverse reaction in the application site. This can include a burning sensation, irritated skin, itching, and redness. Such symptoms are usually mild and will resolve on their own over time.


However, if you experience them regularly or to an unusually severe degree, talk to your doctor about applying the medication in a smaller dose or less frequently. If the side effects persist for an extended period of time, make sure to let your doctor know so that they can advise you on further use.

Drug Interactions

Podowart has no known drug interactions and is generally safe to use with other medications. However, you should still inform your doctor of any current medications, especially if they are other topical medications meant to be applied to the skin.

Missed Dose

If you miss a dose for any reason, apply it as soon as you can unless it is already almost time for your next dose. In that case, skip the missed dose and continue with your regular schedule.


Be careful to use Podowart only as directed. Never double the dose, even if you missed the last one, since applying too much of the medication at once may increase the risk of side effects.


Make sure to store Podowart in an area between 15-30° C (59-86° F), ideally in a tight, light-resistant container.



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